Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Aaron L: Homework due Wk 8

Hey all,
For anyone who missed class last week (Wk7), the recording of the class session is available, but you need to contact James or Mitch.

The homework for next week is to provide sketches for your final assignment.  The way you do sketches is your choice as well as how many sketches you show.  However, I do need to see a reasonable thought process and at least a page of reference, so I can see how you are coming up with ideas.  It is very important to show your exploration!


1)  Lost temple, buried deep in the jungle for ages.  The word temple signifies something religious or mythological, so invent something appropriate.  It doesn't have to be based on a deity that we know.  Can we not see any images that look just like Angkor Wat please?

2)  Frozen fortress high in the mountains.  The word fortress signifies that it is heavily armored, guarded or fortified.  It should look strong and very difficult to enter forcefully.  Maybe something is being hidden or protected inside.  Be creative!

3)  Aqueduct or Reservoir on an alien world.  Reservoirs hold water, so that would be a requirement, but the structure can be anything, and the space can be anything.  Both the architecture and the world could look "alien", but that just means not Earth.  You can literally do anything here.  Please don't just take a photo of Hoover dam and then add weird shaped rocks all around.  Just wanted to throw that out there.  Design some new architecture, or it could be a terraform on a new world.  It doesn't have to be that strange looking, but it should not look like Earth.  Thats about the only requirement.

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